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I have a question for NS:

If God is the almighty, omnipotent force for creation, why are we not born to believe in him? I ask again – would not an omnipotent entity preclude the possibility that any living thing might doubt his existence? Why would God leave it to the fallible and corruptible mind of another human being – the Priest, the Mullah, the Rabbi - to tell us what to believe in?

How, from such profundity, could this God of unfathomable complexity fail to ensure the essential knowledge of his existence at birth or more decisively at the conception of every sentient creature he is credited with having created? Should it not be a prerequisite? Would it not benefit his subjects’ endless speculation and the dogmatic interpretation of revelation and in consequence a great deal of unnecessary and arbitrary opinion by making his design foolproof, proving thus, beyond all possible doubt, his existence? Why the oversight? Would not an omnipotent God envisage such a potential calamity as non-belief in his existence? What sign of intelligent design or omnipotence is there in this acute lack of foresight when a mere mortal like myself can fathom such a simple discrepant error in the concept of creation.

The article simply apears to endorse brainwashing...

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