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It's worth pointing out that gays are not unanimous on the 'should' of any of this. It is entirely possible, as with myself, for a person to be completely liberal about sexuality, have had a gay relationship too, and yet still feel that the phrase 'gay marriage' does not 'make sense'. Maybe that is conditioning, maybe it has a genuine rationale, but whatever it's how the atoms in my brain are aligned.

Has it ever occurred to you that gay people want the same access to the rights that hetero people can take for granted?

Its really simple.

I could quite happily, if the mood took me, marry someone and reap the benefits that it bestows upon those who are married.

I'm never going to, but I do have that freedom to do so if I wish. Gay people do not have that luxury, by this and other ridiculous nonsense they are made to feel and look inferior to us "normal"people.

That is cruel, insane, wrong and highly objectionable.

I do not want to have rights soley on the basis that my sexuality is considered better than others and I will fight to the bitter end to see that gay people no longer have to be ridiculed and made to feel inferior in a society that should know better.

Marriage is a right that all people should have access to if they so wish to do that, doesn't matter if they don't want to, they should have that freedom of choice.

Marriage is about love and commitment - that is NOT soley a heterosexual practice is it? Gay people love and commit to each other just the same as everyone else - what kind of monster would want to prevent people from doing that?

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