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Yes of course they need to re-set the debate terms.

The present ones are thoroughly debunked and smell very old musty and desperate.

So what do they do?...yep...drag the goal posts to another part of the playing field...this is the first time they had to admit that this was the intention...usually they just do it mid debate

Shows that they are running out of waffle room.

But what the fuck this utter bilge is doing in the NS I have no idea? They stuck a theist flavoured toe in the water a while back by a headline that declared 'Darwin was wrong'...they got right royally slam dunked for that utter here they are again caught sneaking in the side door to get this bollix into a scientific(sic) journal.

One does indeed wonder just what the so called editor is doing...sleeping by the shape of the thing...or maybe praying!

Whatever...the fucker needs to get kicked out on his incompetent accommodationist arse!

Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:13:24 UTC | #929238