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"...religion is ingrained into human nature..." is pure rubbish, which is totally false because if a baby grew up on an island without any mention of god(s) the odds of it imagining anything of the sort would be almost zero. The only reason so many people think there is a god is because of INDOCTRINATION.

Even better is the idea that "...religion will outlast science...". LMAO, talk about having it completely backwards! This isn't Neil Tyson verbatim but I think this sums it up:"The more science finds out about the universe, gods space gets smaller... and smaller... and smaller." Meaning: religion will not only not outlast science, science is inexorably pushing the idea of god out of the picture to the point that god will become almost irrelevant. Will god ever be fully expunged? No. People will try to keep it going, will try to reinvent itself over and over and over... like many another plague it isn't going back in Pandora's Box. The bright side? It's prominence will end, and the clock is ticking.

non est deus

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