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Yes, I know there are those who want to define the Supernatural out of existence, but you can't do that without complete knowledge of the Universe.

As a member of the fraction that does define the supernatural out of existence (coincidentally we were just having a discussion about this here) I object to that. Defining the supernatural out of existence doesn't imply that, say, people can't walk on water, it just says we are always entitled to ask the question how people walk on water and try to find an answer to that. That's of course just semantics, but I find it important.

That's why I have a certain respect for medieval theologians. They were the first to try to make sense out of a mythological world view. One might disregard them for holding this world view in the first place, but if you believe in the existence of angels, then the question what they are like, or, more poetically, how many of them can dance on a pinhead, is a very good question. Indeed, I think that we owe a lot of the breakthroughs of the enlightenment to these folks. You can only realize that it's impossible to square the circle of making sense of a worldview that was never intended to make sense of anything when you try and fail.

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