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Is evolving Nature all there is - a self-generated, self-propelled, and self-contained mechanism?

Pretty much, yes.

Are human beings, as the peak of nature, sovereign owners and masters of their lives and their world?

Who said that humans are the peak of nature? Everything alive today is at the same stage of evolution, ie. They can all be traced back to common ancestors.

That is the stance taken by Richard Dawkins, naturalist, biologist and atheist.

Is it? Really?

Or is evolving reality derived from, dependent on and empowered by God, the transcendent Source and Destiny of reality?

Which god? Stop making the assumption that there is and only ever has been one god.

Does this God reach out to humans as a person because humans are persons?

As above.

That is the conviction of the Christian faith and the stance taken by the author of this book.

Until the author can show that their god (or any god) actually exists then any assumptions made about that god are pointless.

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