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The Fine-Tuning Problem

This is a false problem based on confusion of Physics as model and the physical world which can't be shown to have tuning "knobs" at all. (see my other discussion that goes into this, and this great video)

If you don't mind explaining, isn't the Multiverse(which many accept as plausible and is indeed offered as one of the refutations of Fine-Tuning) the hypothesis that there are indeed "knobs", and that each twist of each knob produces another universes/realities, which are described by permutations of our model? How come the multiverse then isn't considered a fallacy? It seems to me the only difference is that "Fine-Tuning" asserts that the other universes are just hypothetical realities that were never materialized but just exist as probabilities. Multiverse hypothesis, OTOH, asserts that all of those universes are real. Seems to me that, if Fine-Tuning faces the problem you describe, so does the Multiverse hypothesis, even more so.

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