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If you don't mind explaining, isn't the Multiverse(which many accept as plausible) the hypothesis that there are indeed "knobs", and that each twist of each knob produces another universe/reality, according to our model? How come the multiverse then isn't considered a fallacy?

The multiverse hypothesis was not primarily considered as a solution to the fine tuning problem, the existence of many universes follows form certain theories about the nature and the beginning of our universe, its a consequence of certain aspects of quantum field theory. And the footing of this hypothesis is rather poor compared to the attention it gets. I think the best answer to the question why the fundamental constants are the way they are is "We don't know. Yet."

Yes, I know the Multiverse hypothesis wasn't developed as an asnwer for Fine-Tuning. But I'm under the impression that it does say that our model can predict other universes/realities which are also real, no? Which quine seems to say that it's a fallacy(the model driving the reality).

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