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It's hard not to be angry at the theologically afflicted for the obvious bullshit they spew.

They have nothing but an impulse to tell fairy stories with some supposed moral point, and they assume that scientists and analytical philosophers have exactly the same agenda. The stories they tell are designed for emotional impact, and they have no qualms whatsoever about changing facts or even the definitions of words mid-stream. They like to use fancy phrases simply because they sound impressive.

Like I said, it's hard... However, it is fitting to understand that preachers, and theologists, and the purveyors of that mysterious 'sophisticated theology' are all nothing more than mediocre storytellers. To confront the likes of Plantinga, Craig, the Archbish et al with that bald statement of fact, would be incredibly satisfying to my peculiar sense of humor.

Wed, 21 Mar 2012 17:51:45 UTC | #929346