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Comment 18 by richard7766 :

Personally, I have no qualms over atheists feeling indignant over the pernicious ways of apostate Christianity.

But, it's another thing again for atheists to claim some superior capacity, in the way they look at things, to determine whether the bible is true or false.

In short, it's not allowable to conclude that the bible is not true upon examination of traditional Christianity. All you are doing is observing apostate Christinity, which cannot tell you anything about whether the bible is true or false.

Perfect right to feel indignant though about what you take as being religion. Which isn't the real deal anyway.

I've seen this cognitive sleight performed in countless ways over the years. It always boils down to the same argument - "oh, that Christianity you don't like and rightly criticise isn't the real Christianity. The real Christianity is what I partake in and what I believe." Problem for the sceptic, though, is this: all believers say that. It follows that they can't all be right. (They can, though, all be wrong.)

Besides which, it is an enormous pain trying to get the religious to even comprehend that most atheists are equal opportunities heathens; that is, we reject the theistic claims of all religions no matter how warm and fuzzy and superior you might imagine your own beliefs to be. It is your beliefs we reject as having failed to meet their burden of proof. You may not like that, and you may therefore try to convince yourself that if we only knew the real you, you could convince us that your version of the faith is the correct one. But, I'm afraid, while that may make you feel sheltered and immune to the criticism of the godless, we emphatically reject your god along with the rest.

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