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Comment 14 by TeraBrat :

I'm stuck taking a humanities class this semester (last class I need to take for this degree). My professor doesn't want me coming to class because I use science to back up my arguments and according to him it stymies the discussion because no one can refute it.I'd be happy to debate my scientific reasoning for what I'm saying but no one else in class seems to understand what I'm saying including the professor

Can you give an example of how you use science in your humanities class?

I'm also rather surprised when you say "stuck" taking a humanities class. My degrees are in math and engineering but I always thought of the required humanities classes as a fun easy A. You mean in the entire universe of art, music, literature, mythology, etc. you couldn't find one class that peaked your interest?

BTW, he claims to be an Atheist.But he still thinks that things have merit if they evoke emotions even though they are illogical. I'm astounded that I'm being told that I'm not allowed to use science in a university graduate class.

Well I'm an atheist and I agree with him. Beethoven, Tolstoy, and Davinci's works of art aren't all that logical. Well its true that there is an underlying logic in many ways but what makes them work is how they resonate at an emotional level and I think they have lots of merit. Actually even Richard Dawkins is on record as saying that the King James version of the bible, you couldn't pick something more illogical, has a lot of merit for its beauty of language and ideas.

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