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@10 - From the comments section at the Washington Post:

"If you're so confident in your "reasons," Mr. Dawkins, why do you continually refuse to debate well-known Christian apologists such as Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Edward Fazer? To my knowledge, both have a standing invitation to you, yet you continually shy away. Why? There are intellectual, verifiable reasons to believe in God, Mr. Dawkins,

.. As any competent psychologist can tell you! - Hint - Indoctrination is often a key feature! Irrational deluded role models also feature!

.. ..yet you refuse to engage in a real debate. Seems to me someone's afraid of being wrong. "

There is no point in reasoning, debating and being "right" in front of a bigoted irrational audience, which is too ignorant to know it is ignorant, and too incompetent to recognise dishonest debate.

THIS is why we need a Reason Rally!

Especially in the US it seems!

Wed, 21 Mar 2012 23:38:15 UTC | #929463