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Pardon, the paraphrase is from Feynman. It is often stated, 'if someone tells you they understand quantum mechanics, you know you are speaking to a liar.' Attempting to google the exact quote, I now fear it may be apocryphal, but I found these:

"Anyone who says that they understand Quantum Mechanics does not understand Quantum Mechanics"-Richard Feynman

"Nobody understands quantum theory." -Feynman

Quantum does work with predictive models, so it is a coherent science, but of the sciences it seems most prone to misunderstanding and abuse. To take quantum as a basis for metaphysical assertions (randomness exists) is perhaps as foolish as Deepak Chopra's chicanery, and he's not the only person using quantum to sell woo.

There is a tendency to reduce physics to metaphysics, and even Newton becomes a basis for Determinism. Philosophy can not run in contradiction to physics, which forces philosophers to address the field. I fear they are ill equipped, but so are scientists when they approach philosophy. Trying to straddle the shoulders of different giants may be a bit perilous. People dedicate their lives to these fields. When someone steps out of their field to dabble in another, expect error.

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