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@This Is Not A Meme: "Nobody understands quantum theory." -Feynman

"Quantum does work with predictive models, so it is a coherent science, but of the sciences it seems most prone to misunderstanding and abuse. To take quantum as a basis for metaphysical assertions (randomness exists) is perhaps as foolish as Deepak Chopra's chicanery, and he's not the only person using quantum to sell woo."

"There is a tendency to reduce physics to metaphysics,"

Agreed, however I believe the concept of quantum can be comprehended. If gravity and relativity can be comprehended by causality . Cause and effect. There is some meat on that bone to chew.

The metaphysical has no meat or bone and requires the acceptance of it's existence to exist. Riding the coat tails of genuine science.

The brain has capabilities that have not been 100% utilized . Maybe what we don't understand is the brain.

I can say for certain that it is easier for me to understand quantum than metaphysics . Both try to explain something we may not see is there, one uses scientific methods to arrive at hypothesis. The other uses superstition .

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