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I like the fine tuning video, but it is a little unfair. After all, one could simply say that the universe was not fine-tuned to contain, say, gold. Given MOST matter is hydrogen and helium, with less than 1% being left for all other elements, we can see that ANY other element, including gold (an element not required by life as we know it) does not exist in a universe fine-tuned for it. But then step back and consider that matter itself is a minority compared to the amount of DARK MATTER theorized to dwarf it. So the universe is not fine-tuned for ANY/ALL known elements? Wait again - MOST of the universe is empty space - not even including the majority of space that comprises an atom - so ANY sort of matter, dark or otherwise, is so insignificant that the universe cannot be fine tuned for it. Why, if we twiddled the knobs JUST RIGHT the whole universe would be one 13.7 billion LY wide hunk of solid gold, if it were so "fine tuned." What sort of rubbish talk is this anyway?

All this arguing begs the question: what percentage of ANYTHING must a universe contain to be alleged to be fine-tuned for it? At least 1%? 10%? 50%? Would life exist on every single rock and speck of dust?

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