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Comment 15 by mordacious1 :

Another brilliant speech by Sean, unfortunately I believe that the people who need to hear these words the most, will never be exposed to them. I wish we had a rational TV network that would promote science and free thought. Yes, the internet exposes young people (those who are allowed to freely browse the internet) to these enlightening ideas, but TV would broaden the viewership.

We need our own Rupert Murdoch to put up his/her megabucks to promote our message. Yes, Richard does a wonderful job, but is he mainly preaching to the choir? I know he reaches several people through books, appearances, videos and this website, but we are not reaching the great unwashed masses out there. How do we accomplish this? Money...and lots of it.

We need to be very careful about repeating the mistakes of almost any other organized institution, that speaks to the masses, especially when it comes to commercial and advertising pressures.

Professionals and academics clearly want to be paid for their hard work and time, but their contributions are also a philanthropic enterprise.

I think education and information should be a basic freedom. I think a happy compromise could be to allow people to donate money if they wish to free lectures given by academics on various topics, or other free publications. This works well in the open source community, and I hope that free access to brilliant academics and their lectures could prove to be a wonderful revolution in our internet age.

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