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I think we're already doing a good job of this, but the people that seek out this type of media (eg. people on this site) are not the only ones we need to inform about our alternative viewpoints. I see Mr. Faircloth's efforts as an attempt to spread the word, as it were, to people who don't necessarily seek out this information. An educated and and INFORMED electorate is the basis of a healthy democracy. A large portion of the American electorate are usually neither educated nor informed and are therefor grist for the mill that is Murdoch, Limbaugh, Dobson....Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, GW Bush, Reagan...the list of people who prey on the ignorant is endless.

So how do these people get their information. Do they read and comprehend books on important topics? Newspapers? (some do) Listen and analyze intellectual debate? I think they get most of their information from the TV and currently stations such as FoxNews are getting a substantial portion of TV viewership (and here I'm referring to the general population, not just the under 30 crowd). This is why the GOP is always trying to suppress funding for PBS and NPR, because these media sources are the antithesis of the propaganda of the right wing agenda. And as these sources are in decline (and they are), alternatives must be found to provide information on TV and radio where it will reach a higher percentage of the population.

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