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I, along with numerous other people, have a job where I'm obliged to work on Sunday's. It's not every Sunday that I have to work but every other Sunday (that's not strictly true, sometimes I'll work several Sunday's on the trot then I'll have a run of Sundays off but it averages every other Sunday).

On my Sundays off I like to lounge around, reading a paper, taking it easy. But that's pretty much what I do on any other day that I have off. The only difference for me is that, when Sunday is my day off, I'm restricted in what I can do. So many shops are closed, so many institutions (like banks) are closed that I can't treat it like a normal day. This is bloody awkward when it's the only day I'm getting off and there are things that I want to do. For me, personally, I want it to be just like any other day. If I'm off work I want to be able to do what I want without petty restrictions that mean nothing but aggravation to me.

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