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First off , you are a normal human being. Why do I say that? because homosexuality occurs naturally in nature. Part of evolution and diversity. it is not a choice.

I know men like your closet friend. He may not be homosexual like in spending your life with a man. Sexuality may be the coefficient here. He likes to have sex with men but does not see himself living a gay lifestyle. In his case he may not have been born gay, simply get's off with men too. That is a choice.

This conflict is what makes them religious. Imagine the low self esteem he may have veiled with his beliefs! Some even get married to women and secretly live on the low down.

it is very sad to see someone drowning in delusion. Don't help to perpetuate it , remember he is trying to convince you in order to convince himself.

When to draw the line? as soon as you can, otherwise they think they are making ground. Look at the threads on this site are filled with arguments to prove your point. Does not mean you will, they also have selective reading and hearing syndrome.

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