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While I would feel uncomfortable (and like a hypocrite) standing there with the vicar did his (or her) thing, your friend has a point. He wants to get married and this both achieves that aim and pleases his prospective in-laws. It's as legal as any other way and if he's prepared to put up with the discomfort, fair enough.

Besides, my dim recollection of the last time I attended one didn't seem overly burdoned with god beyond a couple of lines (We are gathered here today in the sight of god..." and "Those whom god has joined together let no man etc..."). I could certainly see myself tuning those bits out and just focussing on the legal bits in order to please my intended.

There are lots of traditions in life that have no real meaning but we adhere to them out of nostaligia or because the weight of tradition gives them meaning. A church marriage, and the words used, are a tradition in that vein. Whether you believe them or not is more or less irrelevant.

Here's a question: Would you expect you friend to refuse to go to a religious funeral? Ok, not quite the same because it wouldn't be his funeral, but I think most of us are happy to go through the motions of a religious funeral if invited to one. We just tune out the god bits.

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