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It's funny, I live near the new Westfield shopping centre in Stratford (London) and I recall walking by it one Sunday morning shortly after it opened. You enter by a series of steps (or via escalator if you're lazy) which ascend like the entrance to an ancient temple and it amused me to watch the hundreds of eager shoppers climb up on this particular sabbath to worship the gods of Top Shop and, if they can afford it, Hugo Boss.

You could certainly argue that the idea of the sabbath did us a favour by introducing the notion of a day off for all and I guess we can thank it for that. But the christian argument that Sunday's should be kept "special" by law holds no water. They are free to keep the day special if they want to (as observant Jews do on Saturdays) but that's no reason to impose it on the rest of us. Equally, we are all free to keep the sabbath special by putting our feet up and watching all the programmes on our Sky+ (as I do) but that's no reason to deny other people the right to go out and buy stuff at 9am if they so please.

My only concern would be for those who have to work in order that the shops etc are open for us to use. I'm not au fait with the employment laws but my understanding is that those working on Sunday's either get overtime or other days off in lieu. As long as that's all above board, I have no quibble.

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