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@QuestioningKat: Would this method be compared to weaning someone from substance abuse like say methadone instead of heroin? Then diazepam, after some marijuana for permanent support?

I tried taking that trip to churches as you describe, in my head, and I am nauseated . If I ever go to a church it will be to admire the architecture and be certain there is no ongoing services while I am there.

I seriously doubt this man P is actually homosexual. I almost think he is pretending to be one in order to assimilate you. Twisted as it sounds, I have had people try to find what I am about then pretend they are just like me to justify their evangelistic attempt at assimilation. Or he is bisexual, or just bicurious, in any event if he is sincere and you believe him it is a better idea to help him with his homophobic view of himself. I can't help but think of Freud. Sexuality is more complicated than religion since it deals with "real"issues.

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