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Here's something I've wondered about. Forgive me for another Dr. Jack Kevorkian reference but... well... he's up there on my heroes list alongside Richard Dawkins!

Just imagine for a second that Dr. Kevorkian was 35 and had looked like a movie star when he started his euthanasia crusade. Instead, when he started he was 62, had Doc-from-Back-to-the-Future-eyes, and was old and wrinkly. When he was convicted in his last trial, perhaps more people would have demanded his release than actually did. I could imagine teen girls and young women going, "Awww! He's so sweet! He wants to ease suffering!" I suspect that even the weird things he said and did (just watch You Don't Know Jack or the documentary Kevorkian and you'll see what I mean) would have been brushed off. Maybe even the judge would have been more lenient in her sentencing. Hell, maybe if he had a common last name, like Smith than a last name that sounds, well, morbid, would have changed the outcome. What does everyone think?


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