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Oh yes! Paula Kirby's done it again. She's said/written something that I could have written or said myself; why didn't I? Don't answer that.

There's a very good example here of a political movement - Communism - behaving just like a religion; a "State Religion".

This is going to wing its way to a religious female friend of mine who has, in no uncertain terms, told me to zip my lip, and stop spouting "born again Atheism". And to a chap, who is a scientist, but believes in "a supreme being".

I've forwarded various articles and videos to them which I thought were amusing, or hilarious, or perceptive, or worth discussing, on subjects ranging across science and religion, and they fell on cold and stony ground.

My world view has clashed with theirs to the extent that our very long term friendships are now distinctly cooling, which I regret, but which in my experience is par for the course, but I'm not prepared to resile from my clear cut non-belief. They won't even engage in a discourse on the matter; you're boring me and I'm walking out of the room, was the metaphor one employed, and the other simply emailed "enough!"

One of them took extreme exception to Tim Minchin; "Why is he so angry?" I didn't give the obvious, deserved reply.

So, as somebody once said "religion poisons..."

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