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Just gave an interview today about the Reason Rally Comment 1 by lewis.breland

Living in the bible belt as a non- believer becomes immediatly a kind of stereotype, satanist ... On the other hand, in the second interview is mentioned someone who doesn´t take offense if someone prays because it simply means someone who cares.

Surely I can imagine how religion is a stereotype over there, I´ve heard once some scientist working in USA whose car had a break down in the bible belt zone and the first people that showed up to help her asked as a first question not her name or something but what religious believe she held. I enjoyed listening to Prof. Dawkins as well the interview given by lewis.breland as a non-believer living in the bible belt.

I myself think I would not be able to handle living in a place where people hold too much stereotypes, I would became sick.

Thanks for the link.

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