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Comment 20 by I'm_not :

This isn't an atheist rally, there are people addressing it, at least by video feed, of a religious persuasion but that isn't the problem. By definition reason works through logical arguement, not through numbers. I don't care how many attend, no one should care how many attend, reason doesn't work that way.

An atheist rally - fine, I'll be there. A socialist rally - fine, I'll be there. A reason rally? it's almost an oxymoron

You seem to be suggesting that the purpose of the rally is to spontaneously generate reason. It isn't. In a country where large numbers support ways of thought that are not based on reason, the rally aims to promote the idea that reason is better. No-one should care how many attend but the bottom line is that they do care. The media (which helps for the world view of many people) cares and the politicians (who want to get elected) care. You have to deal with the situation as it is, not as it should be.

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