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The natural enemy of superstition is new information, and we live in the Information Age. The climate is slowly changing into one that is actively resisting the influence of religious thought, and the availability of information makes it difficult to sequester people inside of a bubble of religious dogma. This trend will continue and speed up. Already they have lost their grip. The world is changing too quickly for Iron Age myths to keep up, and they will break themselves apart on the shores of the cosmic ocean we are just beginning to explore.

Though you may feel the intensity of emotion that would make you lash out and become hateful of others, know that this trend toward what is real will continue, as it is our nature to discover what is real, rather than be comforted by what we believe to be true. You are not a bigot to eschew the easy answers of religion, instead preferring to know and accept your own mind. To prefer the vastness of the unknown world and what it may hold to the cloistered mind, wrapped up and trembling against the immensity.

Let the knowledge that fear drives these people -- fear of the unknown, fear of their own potential that they must resist, fear of others whom they cannot understand and so must convert -- convert your hate into pity. Pity, but never complacency or acceptance of their methods. They are not to be hated or feared, only resisted, uncompromisingly, until their time passes and is utterly forgotten.

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