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Comment 2 by VrijVlinder :

First off , you are a normal human being. Why do I say that? because homosexuality occurs naturally in nature. Part of evolution and diversity. it is not a choice.

Rape, murder and killing your partners children by another person also occurs in nature. Surely the point is that amongst humans homosexuality is a variation on the majority heterosexuality just like left handedness is a variation on the majority right handedness. Neither should have attached to them any moral judgement. Morality should relate to how we treat people not what we do with various bits of their and our anatomy.

I know men like your closet friend. He may not be homosexual like in spending your life with a man. Sexuality may be the coefficient here. He likes to have sex with men but does not see himself living a gay lifestyle. In his case he may not have been born gay, simply get's off with men too. That is a choice.

If he is sexually aroused by men doesn't that make him homosexual or bisexual ? The OP says

(that is to say, he is attracted exclusively to men--he admits this but refuses to self-identify as gay)

Why is this a choice but the OP's homosexuality is not a choice ? What one is sexually aroused by is a very difficult thing to change and definitely not a choice.


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