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@Comment 20 by mmurray

Rape, murder and killing your partners children by another person also occurs in nature. Surely the point is that amongst humans homosexuality is a variation on the majority heterosexuality just like left handedness is a variation on the majority right handedness.

Ye thats what was meant Having sex with same sex or being attracted to same sex is not always homosexuality. Just because you have sex with a man does not automatically make you gay.

Being gay It is more than just sex it's a lifestyle. If I had a sex experience with another woman does that make me gay? I don't think so. I can't see myself living a life with a woman as my partner. It was just sex.

@Comment 19 by Net Sexuality is what they should help their friend sort out. He is a closet gay or so he thinks. It is better to help him with something you all ready know and have accepted. This guy is confused as hell. Religion will not fix him gay or not.

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