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Lol always attacking Christianity as usual

It's adorable that you think this piece is about Christianity in particular.

So far, Pigzig's comments on this site reflect very little reading (probably none) and a lot of reactionary comments to headings. It's particularly evident in this case, another clinic by Paula.


She's very, very good. She's thought a lot about these things. She thinks clearly and writes eloquently. She's made skilled and honest efforts to engage all of us (including you) in real dialogue. She makes great efforts to do that applying a natural talent that is constantly refined by subjecting itself to painstaking detail.

Go ahead. Don't be scared. Reading won't hurt you.

She used to be a christian. You'd know that if you did the reading. So, your "Lol" is obviously nothing but an underdeveloped, defensive reaction.

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 07:23:06 UTC | #930332