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<>Ye thats what was meant Having sex with same sex or being attracted to same sex is not always homosexuality. Just because you have sex with a man does not automatically make you gay.<>

Well, if you did it willingly and you liked it, it makes you gay-ish. Homosexuality is both in your emotions and in your genitals, with the percentage on either side up for argument.

Ultimately, the designations homo/heterosexual are themselves flawed, since humans in fact have a wide range of sexual interests and healthy genitals are apt to react -- shall we say-- joyfully to stimuli that our heads disapprove of. We usually end up making a declaration of sexuality based on the circumstances of our social lives as much as on the tingling in our trousers.

But if we have to stick to our posters (for purposes of political argument and pride marches) I'd say that if you had sex with someone of your own gender and it was fun, then a certain part of you IS homosexual, and it seems silly to disavow it.

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