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Let's review:

Utter news blackout of the Reason Rally, including the New York Times.

A two-hour seminar in Gish Gallop by Hayes and his bosses at MSNBC; never simplifying, obscuring ad naseam. Nothing about all of the religiously motivated deaths occurring worldwide, or the centuries of such. Nothing about the establishment of evangelical recruiting stations forced into America's public schools. Just rapid fire bafflegab from Mr. Hayes, who seemed to wet his pants when Richard so logically pointed to the crowning fallacy of Catholicism, the eating of flesh and the drinking of blood created by a baker, a vintner, and some magic words. Richard correctly labeled this sacrament as "ridiculous". Hayes panicked at actually examining any doctrine and deflected with all of his three-card-monte vocabulary, thereby heading off any examinations of crazy beliefs in Islam, Hinduism, Evangelicalism, etc. So Hayes wants to understand what atheism is about but he doesn't want to hear about the crazy beliefs. And there it is, once more. Religion is exempt from scrutiny. It's extraordinary claims offer no extraordinary evidence, or any evidence whatsoever.

Corporate media won't touch us with a ten foot pole. Cowards for cash.

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