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@Comment 22 by esuther: Well, if you did it willingly and you liked it, it makes you gay-ish. Homosexuality is both in your emotions and in your genitals, with the percentage on either side up for argument.

I disagree. Sexuality is a primal urge not having to do with reasoning or emotions. It is a chemical attraction and gender is not important. hence the term , wild sex.

When a couple feels deep emotions like love, dreams of a family and future together, this has nothing to do with sex, gender is not important.

Men have a better grip on this reality. Women attach sexual to emotional and confuse primal with Love.

Religion further complicates matters when they disperse the notion that primal sexuality is a sin and you can only do it after married and can't touch your own body for pleasure and so on. Making us hate our bodies and think we are dirty and be awful in bed from hangups.

Sexuality has more to do with the brain than with genitals...

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 19:02:06 UTC | #930404