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Thanks for that Sketchy, I picked your quote as a shining example from the many thoughtful responses

Wow, that’s a very nice compliment. Okay then, I’ll have a go at your challenge.

The fact that a man is ignoring the beliefs and practices of a lifetime, exhibiting deep hypocrisy, and lying through his teeth, is neither here nor there

Yes, that is what he’s doing, isn’t, and she knows it, or have they just met? You and I can arguably respect that anything goes to get the girl, but are we certain that she does? What exactly is it about deep hypocrisy and lying and willy-nilly abandonment of lifelong convictions in fear of the wrath of mother-in-laws that’s likely to inspire love an admiration in this gorgeous, intelligent woman? Is it at all possible that she’ll actually be relieved if he takes a stand here (as is his nature, usually, which is something she likes about him, hopefully), when she isn’t able to? At the very least she’s bound to know she’s making an unreasonable request. “I know our wedding is supposed to be our special day, but it’ll mean a lot to my parents if it is to be arranged by that organization that you despise so much, do you mind?” She’s not feeling just a litle bit guilty about this? And there won’t be a just little bit resentment on his part, being asked to make a solemn promise by a man who makes a living from lies, in front of a roomfull of puzzled friends who may or may not judge him for the poser and hypocrite that he is? He is losing something because of this whether he realizes it or not. Is there even any doubt that his arguments will carry a little less weight next time he decides to criticise religion? It’s perfectly logical to want to avoid all this unpleasantness. Much better to have a magnificent secular ceremony that’ll be sure to impress everyone, and the in-laws will change their mind halfway through, or just have to deal, because their world view is stupid and immoral, and it’s not their day, dammit.

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