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[Comment 17] Corporate media won't touch us with a ten foot pole. Cowards for cash.

I just watched a 2 hour program from the main stream media dedicated to Atheism. Maybe you need to rethink how long that pole really is?

Mr Hayes admits he's an atheist on his brand new show, has 5 prominent atheists on for a full 2 hours. Many of the guests had differing opinions on a variety of issues; of course they did; the only thing that unites them is atheism.

The whole RD is strident and there for less effective is a valid issue. I think it is blown out of proportion, and used as a straw-man against him. Being strident on a fox news interview won't win any consideration. Being to polite in a debate loses the debate.

Part of the perceived disconnect with the RD section was perhaps due to the satellite link and time restraint of RD. Mr Hayes showed respect and admiration for Richard, differing on only the one issue.

Well worth watching... Religions only die a very slow death.

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 21:44:40 UTC | #930448