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@I'd say that if you had sex with someone of your own gender and it was fun, then a certain part of you IS homosexual, and it seems silly to disavow it.

So if you have sex with someone of the same gender and don't enjoy it then you must not be homosexual.

That makes no sense at all!! I have had plenty of hetero sex that was not enjoyable. A total disappointment with lack of fulfillment . That does not make me gay, it makes me unfortunate. Having a sexual experience with the same gender does not automatically make you gay. That is preposterous. That is silly. It's like saying going to church one day with a friend makes me Catholic.

Gay rights are not about getting approval to have sex with each other!! They are about obtaining equality and acceptance that their way of life is legitimate and deserves the same benefits non gay people automatically get if they say they are not gay. Like Marriage. Purchasing or a home, Opening a business , Operating a business ,Making life and death decisions for your partner in the event of catastrophe. there is much more to being gay than sex. Is there not more to hetero life than sex?

@aquilacane: yes sex with you probably would fall under the category of not enjoyable , coz you are not there lmao!!! But it is an example of how males can separate themselves from having sex and thinking about it as it happens. Ever hear or say "Oh that? She means nothing , it meant nothing, it was just sex!!!"

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