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I had the privilege of seeing Richard Dawkins on Chris Hayes Show "Up" this morning -- and yes, I was getting ready for church. The MORMON church. I was pleased to see Dawkins say what he said, out loud and for all to see, about "our" supposed candidate for the Republican nomination for President. I still attend the Mormon church for reasons few atheists could comprehend, but I don't agree with most of what I hear at my meetings. I do, however, know that what Dawkins said about our church and its first prophet is absolutely true, and the fact that Mormons believe this is seriously shocking. I'm not saying there aren't good things about churches in general, but I am thrilled that somebody like Dawkins will be prepared to press things about the specifics of our supposed beliefs, and push the envelope to test those beliefs. If we are not prepared to answer the hard questions with something better than blind faith, then we are not using our God-given brains to worship the very Lord we claim to love. Thank you, Richard Dawkins.

Sun, 25 Mar 2012 21:56:35 UTC | #930451