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Well written, Dr. Cornwell. You make such a great argument. Women do need secularism, and a woman who voluntarily takes on the cloak of oppression forced on her by organised religion is a foolish woman.

This whole issue of contraception is stupid. It's true that Catholics believe that birth control is sinful, but the law never forced them to use it. They made a case that aiding people in getting birth control via church-offered health insurance was also sinful, but they #1: did not quote scripture backing that case because there isn't any, and #2: turned down the offer made by Obama to simply pass on this part of the health mandate if they chose. No, they demanded everyone had to follow their rules --- even non-Catholics --- which indeed makes the case for attempted theocracy. While I think that term is overused, it seemed very appropriate here.

If it had been wrong for Catholics to aid others in getting birth control, then this would have been the case before it became an issue via health insurance. The Catholic Church would have had a mandate which would have prevented their employees from spending paychecks on contraception. What's the difference between an employee buying pills through their church-given paycheck and through their church-offered medical insurance? From a legal standpoint, nothing, and from a logical standpoint, nothing, and from a scriptural standpoint, obviously nothing (the bible doesn't discuss insurance). Did I mention this whole issue is stupid?

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