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Whenever I get questionned about the distinction between disrespecting a belief, and disrespecting the person holding that belief, I always respond that that is what everyone always does and should be doing, and is what I do too. I usually take the example of Nazism and Nazis. I ask people if they disrespect Nazism. They say yes. Then I ask them if they disrepect all Nazis. And I usually get hesitation. I say that a Nazi might have been coerced into joining the party by threats, or might have been indoctrinated as a young child. They might just never have been exposed to the evil Nazism does and believed the propaganda. They can change their minds. And yet, I say, it is right to speak out against Nazism isn't it? Yes they say, they get the point.

Tue, 27 Mar 2012 12:14:09 UTC | #930724