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Comment 28 by katy Cordeth :

Are most of us not, for want of a better word, guilty of faith-based thinking? I believe with almost absolute certainty in evolutiion, in an ancient universe, in the non-existence of any gods, but I don't have any actual evidence for these things.

Theists are guilty of blind-faith, not just faith-based thinking.

Humans exist, trust, and interact with others in society sometimes based upon faith, there is nothing wrong with this approach once the faith-based thinking is based upon evidence i.e. faith in one's parents, spouse, partners, family, friends, guardians, doctors, teachers, and colleagues.

Once we have established intimate, trusting and loving relationships with such individuals, we can trust them on faith, based on previous interactions, and the evidence for such. For example: "I have faith my parents will be there for me tomorrow.", "I have faith if I ever needed any financial help, my family would pitch in.", or "I have faith my close friends will advise me appropriately should I need their help."

It is when we use blind-faith based upon authority, tradition, dogma and no evidence whatsoever to make decisions are we guilty of mirroring the behaviour of theists.

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