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Comment 44 by Layla

If you don't believe the ritual actually has any effect why would it even matter? It's not as if the child has really been made into a christian by going through the baptism.

Somebody says your baby is born sinful, the decent thing to do is tell him to go fuck himself. You don’t proceed to put the baby in his arms, that would be obscene! That’s a failure on you as a parent, and you don’t know how your child will feel about that later on.

You don’t volunteer your children as a means for an immoral institution to conduct its twisted rituals and further its influence in society unless you approve of the institution, its rituals and its influence in society. It’s called integrity.

Comment 39 by Slippy

I have made it extremely clear that should children come into the picture that they will not be baptized, I know this will be a big thing and pressure will be applied to do this but I swear I'll be divorced before any children of mine are baptized before they are old enough and wise enough to decide themselves if they want to be.

That is admirable!

Tue, 27 Mar 2012 21:27:29 UTC | #930821