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I stood proudly next to my natural mother in Canberra for the handing down of the report into Forced Adoption. It was a monumental occasion to be there together to denounce these crimes. My mother was forced to give me up and suffered at the hands of a Catholic institution. We have been treated inhumanely all our records have been destroyed by this Catholic run hospital and the ones that do exist (which are with the Dept) are full of fictitious information. I do appear on this Documentary but I will not reveal my identity as per the TOR of this site. I hope that the US and other countries follow our lead and hold the governments and institutions accountable for their crimes. I have read some blogs on a Catholic site which were so offensive it was alarming. Their comments are specifically related to the forced adoptions and also to the Dan Rathers Documentary (Adopted or Abducted) and they are still trying to justify their actions – and in fact feel that we adoptees and the natural mothers are in the wrong???? The Australian Federal Government explicitly found that illegal activities occurred (as we all knew) – and we hope the 20 recommendations get past expediently. Too many lives have been lost more Death by Adoption.

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