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It bullies everyone! It acts like a PD. Personality disordered individuals function through a cognitive mantra, Religion exhibits monster sized ones of these that have supreme power to do what the mantra has become.

Recently in the UK there was a tragic event where an African footballer had heart problems during play.

This was utilised by the manager as a call to prayer! A call to prayer s an only solution to his survival and rehabilitation and de facto mass feeling that any success be due this.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of mass support for people and displays of affection, but this was a provocative and deliberate attempt at a subliminal agenda to reinforce religious belief per se.

Widely, it was then commended as if a great work had been done, in the rally for prayer.

Ironically, less publicised has been the brilliant Paxman 5 part series "Empire" which delves into all the very dirty dealings belief has had in securing evils on a scale beyond belief and beyond prayer.

What's the betting this will be less available to fans and their children?

What's the betting the explanations about belief in this contexts will remain "Nut Megged" in the minds of adults and children alike for a long as power can be gained by calls to prayer over emotional hijaks like this recent charade?

It has indeed been a grand display, yet again, about the levels of oppression and repression that most peoples emotion are enslaved to be responsive to and to follow like misled and misinformed sheep.

It saddens me greatly. However politics is rarely worried about such "intelligence" or "education".

Power sees a factory of prayer as its bread and butter to the people. As a famous Nalyd track once described: The times they are una-changing.

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