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Prof D

Whilst I agree that we should, as voters, call our candidates out for saying they believe in ridiculous stuff, I think that in the USA that message gets lost on them. It will work in the UK, but Americans may see that as a step too was apparent on the UP show.

It is much easier, and more relevant I feel, to take the tack I did on a web log I wrote some guest articles for (look up Dave The Sandman and Al Stefanelli). There I took Rick Santorum and Newt Gingritch to task on their political positions and how these stood in direct contradiction of stated and set in stone Roman Catholc Church doctrine and policy. I then expanded the excercise to take in the whole US GOP and its palling up wth the RCC. In Ricks case he actually is arguably a schismatic heretic like Mel Gbson and his mad dad.

As I concluded the only common platforms they share are a hatred of the LGBT community drve for equal rights, and a war on womens reproductive rights. In all other matters they stand in contradiction to RCC doctrine.

(NB: I also called out the US RCC for failing to pont this out publically in a cynical and hypocritical tactic that is just another stain on their faith).

Exposing this, and challenging so called good Catholics who fight their elections on the fact they are good representatives of their faith and maintain their politcal stances because of their faith, is a much more effective way of exposing them for the hateful hypocrites and liars they are.

If our aim is to shut down the religulous psychobabble then I feel an attack on real terms rather than tlting at the ridiculous articles of faith is a better tactic. Calling out the stupidity of transubstantiation is just feeding the "aint he mean" trolls, even if it does make sense.

And for my US chums who may think its a bit unfair for me as a Brt to constantly rip on the US, dont worry....I have Baroness Waaaaah Waaaaah Warsi in my sights.

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