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← Can the Reason Rally resonate in this most religious of democracies?

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Yes, I think it's fair to say that some regulars here prefer not to become insulting towards people, even if we do find their religious beliefs silly. Yes, there are also those who think more forceful words are necessary. I don't have the answer regarding the best avenue to take, however I think taking the high road is the better path. I've learned that if you stoop to someone else's level, you run the risk of becoming just like them. I too find it difficult to refrain from getting hostile towards religious folks, my family in particular, however I see little good coming from such an outburst.

Obviously the best way to deal with the religious, is a debate which will continue in this forum. It makes life a bit more interesting. Besides, many of these posts are insightful regardless of which side of the fense the postee sets. Hmmm, is postee a word?

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