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I recently read a book in which authorities were selecting people for a interstellar colony. They were careful to pick people who were neither religious or atheistic, but instead opted for people who comprised the healthy, disinterested middle. Fiction of course, but it got me thinking...

Setting aside the logical and evidential basis for atheism, and examining the emotional side, one seems to be feft with the question: Is our conviction for the rightness and truth of atheism a sign-reversed form of mental religious leaning? Religion is after all, frequently cited as fufilling a human need for a 'cause'.

Don't take me wrongly... I utterly despise organized religion (and its source, spirituality) as an obvious scam and for the damage it inflicts upon people and society. I'll acknowledge that my sense of being part of a crusade against the inanity of religion provides me a degree of emotional comfort; the destruction of religious influence becomes my 'cause'.

That in turn, forces me to grudingly admit that maybe the apathetic middle has the healthiest attitude.

Thu, 29 Mar 2012 12:41:35 UTC | #931153