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Reason is not the same as secularism is not the same as atheism.

I am a secularist and an atheist and believe I have arrived at this viewpoint through reason and I'm sure that's true of many people who post here but the arrogance of using these terms interchangeably, the arrogance of calling something "The Reason Rally" is frankly beyond my ken and strikes me as very unreasonable and worst still unreasoned.

I don't come here to be challenged, I come here to have my prejudices confirmed and that is an indictment of both myself and here. The same is true of the other websites I suspect most of us drudgingly click through.

There isn't any free thinking going on because there is hardly any thinking at all going on as far as I can see. We take so many things as read and don't, perhaps can't, debate in a truly open and rational way because the viewpoints available to us are so narrow. This is rationalism as a middle-aged, middle class, white, educated, male game and nothing more, with a few exceptions.

I know this site is inevitably going to have that bias because of its host and I mean no insult to Professor Dawkins or the mods by saying that and I know, for example, Freethought blogs worries about its diversity and has some truly wonderful contributors who fall out of that sphere but if "we" (I don't feel like a we and don't understand why others do) can't even persuade others exactly like us, never mind the myriad of diverse individuals who could enliven and enrich our lives and our thoughts and discussions to join us then maybe we have nothing to say of any interest?

Life is short and filled with stuff as the song goes. Maybe this is the wrong stuff, just as much as so much other stuff is.

Let your friends alone. I'm sure they're doing fine.

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