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It wouldn't surprise me if Richard got a knighthood. After his remarks about Holy Joe in the Vatican, I thought - naw, the establishment will never give him an honour. But who knows? The people who decide these things are obviously aware of public opinion to some extent. There are knights who I never heard of (of whom, to pedants), but some others I recognise, like Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, (services to sexual awareness), Elton John etc. Surely Richard has contributed at least as much as these people to humanity? And that includes ex jailbird Lord Archer (perjury). As for Lord Bragg, I hope he has cooled down a bit, but for Baroness Warsi I have no hope! And what has she ever contributed to humanity? I suggest very little. A token Tory Muslim.

Frankly I don't care whether or not Richard gets an honour. I hold most of his views in high esteem and great respect! There's always a bottle of red biddy and a discussion about the merits of Bach, Schubert and Beethoven, should Richard ever decide to visit my part of north London!

PS. I know an MBE. She tells me that MBE = My Bloody Effort. Apparently OBE = Others' Bloody Effort !

Thu, 29 Mar 2012 19:35:44 UTC | #931209