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Firstly I wish interviewers and presenters like Hayes would just 'shut the f**k up'. Their coffee fuelled interruptions are the height of ill manners.

It is hard to see where Wright is coming from just from the few sentences he uttered. The distinction needs to be drawn between daft beliefs which people resort to on a Sunday and allowing those beliefs to acquire the recognition and prestige to run rough shod over our laws, political systems, education and geopolitical landscape.

I do not have a problem socialising with people who hold various supernatural views though I consider those views wholly incorrect and in the context of the large political systems of mainstream religion dangerous. The few I know are affable, surprisingly intelligent and articulate, well mannered &c. I wouldn't seek to attack or humiliate them in a social setting because we have fundamental disgareements. This is simple good manners and in the words of Robert E Lee, 'he who humbles others humbles himself'. However being reasonable requires both parties to observe a few simple rules principally about not inflicting unsolicited peurile and inane ideas on others to force them to share the fetters of rank stupidity. These ideas encroach on the lives of millions to the extent that even those who refute them are caught up in the madness. In such circumstances it is required of all reasonable people (by which I mean those who base their lives on reason) to speak out against what is unreasonable.

None of my associates who hold any religious view at all would dare to ask me to sign a petition supporting sharia or give donations to catholic missions or attend a mass or insist they say grace at a dinner table.

Politicians who communicate with their imaginations are a danger to all humankind and those who pretend to in order to win votes are even worse. see Thomas Paine

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