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I understand where you are going with your comments, however it is important to remember the long term goal. Should we look at things like this sign, then smile and say, "way to go?" Perhaps we as individuals should consider the most common reaction of the general population before deciding to do something like this.

If I were standing in the immediate vicinity of that display with my grandchildren, I would immediately remove them from the scene. Why do we have to be vulgar to make a point?, I thought our "mission" if you will, is to encourage the general population to listen to the logic of our words. Signs like that immediately have the opposite effect. It makes us look like degrading jerks with the IQ of a bowling ball. There are better ways to throw "shock therapy" at the public WITHOUT being crude.

Perhaps I am in the minority, but I look very unfavorable at people who walk around with profanity on their clothes, the "F" word rolling out of their mouths in every other sentence, or just plain needless cussing in general.

I guess the real question is, " Where is middle America on this? I feel confident when I say, on their behalf, that they they find things like this to be in very poor taste." Such displays will not help our cause. In fact, quite the opposite. Let us strive to make positive impacts.

Fri, 30 Mar 2012 12:33:12 UTC | #931339